Arlen Education

Arlen Education is a professional provider of private tuition and exam support, offering both online and face-to-face sessions from expert tutors in the Midlands, London, and internationally. They ensure high teaching standards with hand-picked educators, many from leading universities like Oxford and Cambridge.

Arlen Education
2020 - 2021
E-commerce Development, Multi-vendor Marketplace Development


Arlen Education aimed to develop a comprehensive online marketplace for private tuition and exam support, with numerous custom features including dashboards for different users, payment gateways, and an appointment booking system.


As the technology partner, we led the design and development of a feature-rich platform that included custom dashboards for admins, tutors, and students, integrated multiple payment gateways, and enabled real-time notifications based on geo-location.


The platform now serves as a one-stop solution for Arlen’s educational services, enhancing user experience and streamlining administrative tasks.

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