CUSP is an online marketplace focused on facilitating the transition to green technology. Offering a range of electric vehicles and accessories, the platform features products such as electric bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, and cars.

CUSP Green Solutions
2021 - 2022
E-commerce, Multi-vendor Marketplace Development, Custom Development


CUSP sought to create a multi-vendor marketplace for electric vehicle manufacturers and service providers. The challenge involved designing a complex platform with multiple dashboards, third-party API integrations, and a wide array of vendor and customer functionalities.


As the Project Lead, we architected a custom marketplace encompassing admin, vendor, and customer dashboards. The platform accommodates a diverse range of modules, from membership and commission management to product and service management. We integrated multiple third-party APIs, supporting features like token allocation and profile verification.


The end product is a comprehensive, highly functional marketplace that serves vendors, customers, and administrators alike. It offers a scalable solution for electric vehicle transactions and services, thereby driving CUSP’s vision of a more sustainable future forward.

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