Dr. Rekha

Doctor Rekha’s website integrates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into everyday life, guiding individuals towards a healthy lifestyle with genuine Ayurvedic principles.

Dr. Rekha
Branding, Design, E-commerce Development


The primary challenge was to create a brand identity and digital platform that would effectively blend the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with user expectations and modern web functionalities. The aim was to provide a comprehensive brand strategy, e-commerce solution and content management system that adheres to best practices while encapsulating the essence of Ayurveda.


We took charge of branding, design, and development for Dr. Rekha. We translated the brand strategy into a trendy-looking website with e-commerce capabilities and developed a robust content management system, all while ensuring that Ayurvedic principles were well-represented.


The result is a seamless digital platform that successfully merges Ayurvedic wisdom with modern e-commerce functionalities. The website now serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to integrate Ayurveda into their daily lives, thereby achieving the client’s goal of propagating this ancient science.

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