Muffin Designs

Muffin Design Solutions, an architectural & engineering design powerhouse, bridges brands with communities. As the design arm of the global SSP GROUP PLC, they shape the F&B realm across 35 countries.

Muffin Design Solutions
Branding, Design, Development


Muffin Designs, a partner of SSP GROUP PLC, needed a robust online presence to showcase its architectural and engineering solutions. The challenge was to create a website that could encapsulate the brand essence while also being functional and SEO-optimized.


We took the lead in branding, designing, and developing a website that aligns with Muffin Design’s unique value proposition. Our focus was not just on aesthetics but also on creating a content management system that is easy to use and SEO-friendly.


The final product is a website that not only embodies the brand’s identity but is also optimized for search engines. It serves as a digital portfolio and gateway for Muffin Designs to connect with clients across 35 countries in the F&B sector.

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