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What are content marketing OKRs?
OKRs stands for Objectives and Key Results. They are a framework that businesses use to measure and track...
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How to use your sensitivity in content marketing
Are you highly sensitive? If yes, this means that you can pick up on subtle changes in your environment...
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Emotions in content marketing: How to use them in stories to connect with your audience
We all know that emotions are important. They help us learn, understand, and motivate us to perform an...
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The power of influence: How to use role models in your content marketing strategy
We often don’t realize it, but the people we looked up to as children have a lasting impact on...
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Content creation: Why you should question existing ways of doing things
As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your products or services and increase...
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How to create memorable content with a surreal twist
In today’s business landscape, content is king. Quality content can help you attract and retain...
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Follow your authentic interests but hedge your bets when creating a content marketing plan
Content marketing can be a great way to build an audience and drive traffic to your website or blog or...
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How content can help you tap into the cognitive buying journey
Anyone in marketing knows that the key to driving conversions is understanding the customer journey....
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Stop avoiding difficulties and embrace them - growth mindset in content marketing
In today’s business world, nimble and adaptable companies are the ones that succeed while those...
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